About Healthstrat

Human Resources for Health (HRH)

We believe that capacity strengthening of human resources is essential for the improvement of health outcomes. It not only relates to ensuring a skilled standard is maintained but also that all human

resource is actively engaged and motivated towards providing quality services at all levels.

How it works

We recruit, develop and retain skilled health staff to ensure that they are appropriately empowered to deliver their best and carry out program objectives as required.

We monitor performance by carrying out periodic site-based assessments staff are equipped to deliver on their mandate.

Training and Mentorship

Our commitment to health system strengthening is anchored on the platform of Continuous Quality Improvement, an evidence based approach that enables organizations to perform optimally using objective data to analyse and improve processes. We design responsive and innovative training modules as a core part of technical support to enhance the health care workers ability to deliver quality services. In addition, we work with organizations that need support in not only identifying potential gaps but also strengthening their systems and resource.

How it works

Training interfaces with mentorship by pegging action plans to it thus allowing for follow up and assessment of uptake of skills. In this way, transference of skills and improved performance is assured.

Health Strat approaches training though two main modes:

  • Class-based learning: this is an interactive instructor led short-course training that is customized to speak to practical scenarios to deliver knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Innovative in-service training: Modular learning combined with self-reading and real world learning that allows trainees to progress at the level best suited to their current skill set while improving their knowledge, skills and attitudes.