360 Health Systems Solutions


360 Health Systems  Assessment 

Site Capacity Assessment tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of all components of Health System and establishes gaps or areas that require development.


360 Health Systems Improvement

In response to the all-inclusive assessment the Quality Improvement tool is implemented. It walks the client through a phased all-round process of unpacking adjustment areas, and an implementation process towards attainment of excellence.


360⁰ Health Systems Consultancy

 Provides a 360⁰ expert opinion and guidance in various health related aspects.



360⁰ Clinical Management Services

For those investors who are looking to set up a health service outlet that provides quality services at affordable rates, this product avails a 360⁰ package towards setting up and running such a facility including establishing infrastructure and operations systems.



360⁰  Health Systems Training Courses

For health professionals looking to improve knowledge, skills and keep abreast with the latest in terms of technique, technology, and national guidelines.