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Christian Health Association of Kenya HIV/AIDS Project (CHAP)

Health Strat as a Sub recipient of CHAK (Christian Health Association of Kenya) is a partner of a 5-year CDC grant funded by PEPFAR for the implementation of a comprehensive high quality HIV care and treatment project in Faith Based Health Facilities in Eastern, Central, Nairobi and Coast regions of Kenya.

This project is a follow-on to the AIDS Relief project which has implemented high quality comprehensive HIV&AIDS care & treatment services in 29 Faith Based Organizations (FBO) health facilities and 100 satellite sites.

The response engages 4 technical approaches;

1.         Comprehensive HIV clinical mentorship and capacity building

2.         Continuous localized health systems strengthening at faith based health facilities

3.         Increased integration of faith based health system with the District health system

4.         Robust strategic information systems.