Organization Executive Summary

Health Strat is an indigenous public health organization incorporated in 2011 experienced in implementing cost-effective and sustainable health systems solutions in HIV and TB service delivery, supply chain management, human resources for health and healthcare evaluation. Over the last 8 years, Health Strat has registered remarkable success in managing multiple PEPFAR funded grants at both the national and county levels. As a result, over 80,000 individuals in 47 counties have been put on live-saving antiretroviral therapy (ART) and 90% of them achieving viral suppression at an average cost of $112 per patient per year.

Health Strat applies a unique model of strengthening health systems through evidence-informed programming, skills transfer for sustainability, and applying innovative solutions for service delivery. 

Evidence-informed programming is achieved through the deployment of Qualicare 3600, an innovative Health Strat solution running off a fully digital platform, that assesses the status of health systems to provide insight into bottlenecks that prevent effective and efficient service delivery. The assessments are then used to inform development of integrated improvement and monitoring plans anchored on quality management and targeted technical assistance. 

Skills transfer for sustainability is attained through the Twinning Model where high-level multidisciplinary improvement specialists work alongside their health management counterparts at national and county levels. 

Innovation is central to Health Strat’s implementation approach. To address bottlenecks in health systems, Health Strat has innovated (I) QualiLab App for coordinating sample transportation between the health facility and referral laboratory. This provides an “Uber-like” solution for sample collection, transportation, tracking and results delivery which can be integrated into existing laboratory information systems, thereby reducing sample losses, turn-around time and networking costs. (II) QualiPharm, a digitized commodity data reporting and requesting solution that integrates reporting through DHIS-2 and ordering through KEMSA LMIS. This provides realtime last mile commodity data visibility which in turn provides quality data for forecasting and quantification towards commodity security.