Budget Monitoring Tool


Automation of Budget Monitoring Tool

Health Strat is currently funded by US Embassy to automate the Budget Monitoring Tool (BMT), an excel based financial reporting tool that is used by Centers for Disease Control-Kenya (CDC-K) and CDC Implementing Mechanisms (IMs) to report program expenditure and monitor financial utilization across various budget categories and HIV program areas. The automated BMT system will improve reporting efficiency, ensure data quality and integrity, provide a robust interactive dashboard for program performance and financial monitoring which enables the CDC-K and CDC IMs to forecast expected consumption and costs against the program targets. It will also provide visibility on financial execution and programmatic activities against Country Operational Plan (COP), enabling measurement and monitoring of program cost efficiency and timely decision making and course correction with re-alignment as needed.


Start Date: 2023

Period: 1 year





Automation of Excel-based BMT to improve efficiency in data quality, increase visibility in financial execution and reporting; improve efficiencies in CDC support to the delivery of services, and monitoring of program cost efficiency.