Fund Management

Health Strat has extensive experience in providing comprehensive fund management services to a variety of organizations. Our services include careful planning, contracting, budgeting, timely disbursement of funds for intended purposes, and accurate accounting and reporting to donors in accordance with agreed-upon timelines. We operate within a strong internal controls environment and use robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to ensure efficiency and accuracy in our financial and accounting operations.

We are committed to following established policies and procedures and to adhering to donor regulations, as demonstrated by our annual audits by an independent firm. Our fund management services have been successfully utilized by organizations such as Born Free Africa Foundation, SPARK Health-University of Cape Town Graduate Business School, Clinton Health Access Initiatives (CHAI), Henry Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI), University College London on behalf of the National Institute for Health Research, and New York University on behalf of the National Institute of Health.