PEPFAR/CDC - Monitoring and Evaluation and Strategic Information Systems (MESIS) Project [2020- 2025]

HS has supported optimization of M&E systems and activities across the HIV/TB prevention care and treatment program areas at both national and sub-national levels: The project has supported the annual HIV Target development and HIV Estimates process, supported updating of the HIV program data capture and reporting tools, supported targeted technical assistance to select Counties on data quality improvement, developed a HIV e-DQA App that was used for the 2021 National HIV DQA. This tool will standardize and improve efficiency in DQA and DQI approaches at all levels as well as provide a platform to access all previous DQA and DQI activities done. The project also supports capacity building of HCW in the HIV program on M&E by maintaining the NASCOP M&E e-Learning platform and providing learner support to ensure completion of e-learning modules. The project has also developed a National Integrated HIV Clinical dashboard to promote HIV program data visibility and use for decision making at both National and Sub-national levels. Additionally, the project has supported and enhanced the 3PM platform, and DREAMS database including development of an  interactive Clinical  HIV  integrated dashboard that enhances data demand and information use by all stakeholders.