Monitoring and Evaluation and Strategic Information Systems (MESIS) Project

Health Strat has supported optimization of M&E systems and activities across the HIV/TB prevention care and treatment program areas at both national and sub-national levels: The project has supported the annual HIV Target development and HIV Estimates process, supported revision of the national HIV program data capture and reporting tools, provided targeted technical assistance to select Counties on data quality improvement, developed and rolled out a HIV e-DQA App that has been utilized to conduct annual National HIV DQAs since 2021. The project also supports capacity building of HCW in the HIV program on M&E by maintaining the NASCOP HIV M&E e-Learning platform and providing learner support to ensure completion of e-learning modules. The project has also developed a National Integrated HIV Clinical dashboard to promote HIV program data visibility and use for decision making at both National and Sub-national levels. Additionally, the project maintains and supports the Platform for Partner Performance Monitoring (3PM) and DREAMS database on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and PEPFAR agencies in Kenya respectively. 


Start Date: 2020

Period: 5 years





Provide high quality, targeted support to strengthen national and sub national capacity for development and execution of high-impact HIV/TB information systems in Kenya.


-3PM enhancements completed & deployed.

-Successful migration of 3PM and DREAMS databases

-2020 Annual HIV report completed

-HIV program estimates completed and validated by counties and NASCOP.

-Desk data quality audits conducted with mentorship to prioritized counties.

-NASCOP HIV e-learning platform up and running.

-HIV eDQA tool developed and used for 2021 national DQA process

-HIV Integrated Clinical Dashboard developed.