Health Supply Chain Management

Health Strat understands that strong supply chains are essential for an effective health system. In this regard, we offer evidence-based supply chain strengthening solutions to enhance existing supply chain systems with a view of institutionalization of best practices. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) model employs a quality improvement approach that focuses on providing quality data for decision making. This includes the design and deployment of innovative solutions such as QualiPharm, a digitized reporting system that provides real-time last mile commodity data visibility by integrating routine Ministry of Health (MoH) reporting systems. Through the use of QualiPharm, quality data for use in ordering, forecasting and quantification has been made possible while reducing costs such as printing of paper-based tools. QualiPharm has been deployed in over 1,300 facilities across 21 counties where significant improvement in supply chain indicators has been reported. In Homa Bay County, the reporting rates improved from 92% in May 2019 to 99% as at end of December 2019 to 100% in March 2020, and 58.5% in January 2020 to 94.5% in May 2020 in West Pokot County.