PEPFAR/CDC-Transforming TB & HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment in Prisons (TACT) Project: (2014-2020)

 A 6-year project funded by PEPFAR/CDC for providing TB and HIV prevention and treatment services to approximately 1,750,000 vulnerable populations (inmates, Kenya Prison staff, their families and surrounding community in 110 prison facilities countrywide) in partnership with Kenya Prisons Service (KPS). Project interventions include health systems strengthening in leadership and governance, supply chain, service delivery, strategic information and improvement of quality of HIV and TB services. Key results were: providing ART to nearly 9,300 PLHIV, with a viral suppression rate of 92%, 1,345 HIV exposed infants accessing EID services, TB preventive therapy coverage of 90% and completion rate of 97%. TACT was able to strengthen KPS financial management systems as a sub-recipient with KPS managing 81% of the project costs in preparation for direct US government funding.