CDC/PEPFAR - Transforming TB & HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment in Prisons (TACT) Project:

Prime recipient. Geographic focus: National (all 47 counties in Kenya), working in 110  facilities and serving 1.8 million people. Project Achievements: (1) Significantly improved access to and uptake of HIV and TB services, strengthened the prison health system and   Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) capacity to provide oversight and technical leadership for HIV and TB services, and increased direct Government of Kenya (GOK)/KPS investments in HIV service delivery. (2) KPS financial and internal control systems were strengthened to comply with USG funding requirements, resulting in increasing funds transfer to KPS to support direct service delivery; KPS has effectively  managed these funds, and meets required stewardship standards. (3) KPS health service delivery for both HIV/AIDs and TB has expanded and improved, resulting in more clients (inmates, staffs and family members, surrounding community members) tested, treated and linked to on-going care – 90% of the annual service delivery targets have been met, universal testing in the target population implemented, universal ART uptake for positives identified and 89% viral suppression attained.